Reviews for "Mission Escape: Roof"

CyberNaz is spot on. He is clearly trying to say something in the terms of 'quality over quantitity', and I fully agree on that. This one is just brainless colorcode + lettercode + numbercode = escape. Like it's put together by one of those car factory robots with no intent of ever improving its own capabilities.

Putting the word Help on the window of a different building DOES NOT make sense in this situation. So I'm not sure what to think of your target audience if you dismiss anyone with a comment on that. Like, you dont make games for people with brains? Honeslestly, your arrogant reply on Cyber's review might be worse than the game itself. Turn off your autopilot and start improving again, please.

The game is empty. What was it supposed to tell me about ? The usefulness of looking for random codes in random places ? For those who didn't play the game yet, you will see a message saying "HELP". But you know what ? You'll never help anyone. These are just random letters. No meaning, no character, no emotion. Waste of time. And I am sure the game designers themselves are thinking the same, using that same recipe frome one game to another.

selfdefiant responds:

This game is obviously not for you, so why take the time to write anything. Other people enjoyed the game and earned medals. If you don't like it, don't play!

Maybe it's just my monitor, but the rag color looks more like blue. But you need different color in the code! If there were not a sound confirmation on the pad, I would have needed a walkthrough.

Too short, not so fun, not so boring, compared to other game other is better cause I need to use walkthrough for all other game except this one :) 4 1/5 start cause it is a little bit simple btw