Reviews for "Exlex Asylum"

The song is Mad World...
I see what you did there

selfdefiant responds:

Good job, you are the first person to notice and say something.

This is really cool! Good everything!

Wow, this may very well be the most epic point and click adventure game ever submitted here! I was amazed at how vast this was. You could get an entire screen’s worth of supplies and still not get a medal! It’s massive even by your standards. I should have realized this given how brief the previous game was. The sounds are all recognizable.

You have to look closely to catch the blank pages to collect. Don’t get the puzzle answers mixed up! I could spend all day with this, even with the walkthrough! Die hard fans of the genre must play this. I’m not one myself, obviously.

Finally passed it and with (almost) not needing the walkthrough... Amazing game as always!