Reviews for "Exlex Asylum"

Good P & C escape game. I'm not a fan of escape games, but this one kept my interest. The screwdriver and crowbar were difficult to find. And my lantern stopped working after a while...it would turn on, but would remain at the bottom center of the game window rather than following the cursor. Good sound and art. 4/5

IT had me confused for a few parts, but it a great Point 'n Click game

Overlooked the sneaky secret medal as I didn't find it..sigh..at least I got the other medals

Really cool and interesting game. The atmosphere makes you feel like you are in the game and puzzle elements are amazing too. I found myself walking around trying to figure out what to do, and when I solved a puzzle, it felt great. However, the game is a little buggy I would say; with the inventory sometimes not responding and malfunctioning, but overall a great game!

I lik0e the idea, that you put some different sounds to the piano. So you can play this wonderfully sad song! It fits perfectly with the pictures! :)

It was very challenging and i've just needed the help at the riddle with the letters!