Reviews for "Jump Quest"

Well, this was a quite nice and addictive game, it also has a medals and a leaderboard, which is a huge plus!
But you should try to work on the graphics and the physics a little bit more. I was going up by touching the platforms in a impossible way, which almost gave me a heart attack xD

The gameplay is simple, but kinda adictive, despite his graphics it's a good game for spend some time.
Good game after all.

orion1220 responds:

Appreciate the review thanks man

I must say that the game is surprisingly addictive :-)
Requires 100% concentration all the time :-)
But for 5 stars it is not enough.
There are some irritating things in it:
1. The guy you are controlling is following the mouse movement with a slight delay;
2. Sometimes the game is creating subsequent platforms in a way in which you are unable to reach the second one from the first one:
a) first case is when you are on a platform on the very left on the screen and the next one is located to the very right or vice versa; when you add that delay I mentioned earlier - there is no way you can reach it;
b) second case: not so rarely you are not able to reach another platform even if it is just above you because of the distance between them or because the game is not considering hitting of the next platform even if you definitely touch it enough to get a bounce;
3. The double points bonuses in the current state are useless, because if you decide to pick one of them - you will likely fall. To make them useful you should add at least a one-time double height jump bonus when touching them - or an ability to click one time to reach the next platform.
If you would improve the game - I would add more stars :-) First - very good game, then - 5 stars, that is the proper sequence :-)

orion1220 responds:

i Will hopfully make This polished up the menu thing Just really got at me and i uploaded

This game needs some polishing, the platforms should stay in place more like the game doodle jump.

orion1220 responds:

I think ill be making a second one but the problem im having Is getting back to the menu
Hopfully i Can get some help with that

This game is just meh. First off, the addition of medals is always a plus, leaderboards are a nice addition, and it is indeed addictive. However, there is a delay for jumping, I don't know if that's a problem on my end, but it's noticeable. That, and it needs more polishing, the platforms move down for some reason, the graphics are a little choppy, and the character will sometimes go to the bottom of the screen.

Overall, not horrible, but it definitely needs some work, I suggest polishing the graphics and making the platforms stay in place.