Reviews for "I am the ninja"

The controls are complety crap, the level star 14 and 16 are clary example of bad programation of this game, one of the whorst plataform games what did i see.

im the the archivement "you are a ninja" when im start to playing...

I was really enjoying this until I got to star level 16 which is absurd and seems completely impossible as the mechanics for the jet pack are not fluid enough to travel horizontally. I absolutely HATE it when you get a nice game and then you get a troll level like this which ruins everything. For that I'd give it zero stars but I really like the game and if that level wasn't so troll it would get more than 3.5.

The music is from Audiojungle?
I can hear it's watermark xD

Some bugs, like the music getting real loud when you deactivate it and re-activate it. I thought disabling blood would make disappear it, not turn it green.... And disabling wall jump while on a jet pack would be better I think :/ still good game.

It's got great graphics and stuff, but there's so much lag I can't even play! I mean, I'm on the third level or something, and I have to slide, which is a tricky thing...and then fall down and NOT far enough to hit the spikes...and then there's another blade that is too high for me to even jump over??? This is stupid.