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Reviews for "Leave Vegeta Alone! (2015)"

''why you people... wont leave me ALONE?!''

this was a great movie!
i liked how vegeta was always upset/angry and eternally pissed off at the entire world, and he just wanted to be ''left alone'', even when things were great for him: he had a happy relationship with bulma, he then had a son (trunks?), he enjoyed the everyday life of a normal (super) sayan dude, and he was generally... OK in life, despite his eternal ''struggle''.

the humour in this movie was perfect, A++, and the drawings of all the characters, along with their face expressions, were PERFECT as well... great work!

amazing details, excellent face expressions of vegeta, of bulma, of vegeta's son... and i laughed alot with that final part, where trunks(?) said that: ''ugh, he's doing it again?! never mind, lets go eat some pizza'', and then, when he talks to krillin, he exploded!

what can i say?
great movie, with excellent visuals, awesome face expressions and solid humour.
keep up the GREAT work!

Cool and Bulma got dah legs

I will go crazy to with that music but i love it XD

kept me laughing irl through entire video, damn awesome job man hahaha :D

I... I just can't even XD