Reviews for "[Tsets] - Skipping Rocks"

Can't wait to trip to this song, very nicely done.

TsetsukenMusic responds:

Have a good trip man, and thank you!

getting some real slick tycho vibes from this, great work.

TsetsukenMusic responds:

This may be the first time I have made a song that can resemble a style from someone really awesome such as Tycho. Thank you! I didnt see it before but you might have given me my first influence for further songs. I really enjoy music like this/Tycho.


I think you did too. (bio) haha

Not much going on in this track in terms of arrangement. However I do like the gestures you throw in quite often. The kick sits really nice, not too loud that it would pound my ears. But for such a chill vibe and simple - yet interesting - melody. You really should make this 4-5 min long haha. I know thats quite the time (both mixing and producing) but easily evolving and adding new sounds is something this track would do well at. Thats what ambient is, evolving over time.

Regardless, its very good and something I got down to quickly. Congrats on the Front page :)

Fav sound: The portamento synth.

TsetsukenMusic responds:

Thank you for the lovely review!

A few others have commented on this song wishing it was longer as well, so a 4-5 minute extended version sounds like something I just might have to :). Time is definitely something I wish I had more of though (as do we all). I'm so amazed this has made it to front page - that would make it my first!! :D

Splinter: "I'm skipping stones, skipping stones. Keep on, keep on, keep on skipping stones."
I love atmospheric music, it just reminds me of various things depending on the song playing.
One atmospheric song could make me think of an ancient place no one has been to in forever.

TsetsukenMusic responds:

This is exactly why I love making songs! A story can be very beautiful even without words, and sometimes these stories can be very powerful and take you to that place.

Thank you :)

This is very nice! Could you try to make a longer version?

TsetsukenMusic responds:

[Edit] - Extended version has been made!!