Reviews for "Tempestas"


how long did it take to draw this?

Hoboweasel responds:

About 3 hours or so... I can't really tell...
Thanks for the review! :J


I fucking love it. Can I have it in a Christmas Card? Please?
I'll begin by saying that the shading is superb, as it always is.
The Girl: She looks amazing. Great expression, and I love how her cloak blends into ocean, with a tsunami occurring. Her crown with flowers is well detailed and fitting.
Everything else: Wow. The clouds and their lightning are very cool. I especially love the style of the lightning and how it weaves by the candle. The clouds become the head of a ferocious beast, and that transition is interesting, to say the least. The clock tower as a horn is a nice touch, and the tower itself is well detailed; you invluded all 12 markings and a little birdy on top.
I love it. Keep things up, Hoboweasel.

Hoboweasel responds:

Hehe, thanks a lot man! :D

Someone else showed me how to draw that lighting effect like that, I was just messing around though (I personally think it's a bit of a weak point, maybe I could have made it appear more light or defined, I don't know. If I had flash I guess...).

She thought it was really cool too :J (we just let out for break a while back and I had to give it to her then).


.......................................................................... wow.
Bye from Gensu

Hoboweasel responds:

Thanks for the good score :J


wow thats awesome. i dnt really know what else to say. its just awesome.

Hoboweasel responds:

Thanks :J

You should draw girls more often

She strikes me as the best thing about this image. I can't explain why; I just like looking at her.