Reviews for "Sad Machine (Ardor Remix)"

Absolutely wonderful. The second drop is really amazing. In my opinion, this sounds even better than the original!

I hope you make more stuff like this at some point!

TheArdor responds:

Thank you very much! At the moment we're working on something that sounds kinda similar to this, so stay tuned ;)

I like the second drop so much. And the atmosphere of the music is literally, sad, and when the second drop appeared, it just goes horror xD. Keep creating more like this.

TheArdor responds:

Thank you very much :)
We're currently working a melodic dubstep track :D

Everything about this is perfect except the dubstep drop at 3:26. It just ruins the song in my opinion :(. I really love how you made the part at 2:20 though, so muh better than in the original :3

TheArdor responds:

Thank you. The reason why we added the dubstep drop was because we felt like it was being too repetitive. So we added something different, and now that i listen to it i can hear what you mean. It feel kinda out of place with the rest of the song :)

Absolutely fantastic.
This song is so inspiring, i find it great to do anything you may want to do xd (like reading, playing smth, etc)
I can't see any negative point for this so far...
Just... wow
Great Job! :)

TheArdor responds:

Wow thank you very much :)

This Song is soo cool

TheArdor responds:

Thank you :)