Reviews for "Sad Machine (Ardor Remix)"

I heard this in a few GD levels and I was like, who is this guy??? he's awesome!!!!
very amazing job with this!
it fits the vocals perfectly, and it's just perfect overall
I have no more words.
I'm going to have this in my head for forever now xD

AMAZING work. I love the drops. I know that not everyone like the secind drop but i think it AMAZING!

I dunno how to explain this song, it's like, you know. Its like when you get the thing you've wanted all your life, or maybe it's lke that one thing that's like a 1/100 chance of perfection and this hit it. I am basically just saying this song is perfect and should get a straight 5 stars. This song is pretty much godlike for all I can say and you know what, I wish it never had an end and that it could go on forvever. Thanks for the most amazing remix ever ;3

TheArdor responds:

Dude thank you so much! We're really glad you like it :D

each time I listen to this it makes me remember my dad with (still not clear) Stage 4 rectal cancer, I love this song like my dad and it makes me feel like I'm no longer lonely if he dies. Thank you for the amazing song :O

TheArdor responds:

It's lovely to hear this remix makes you feel better. We hope your dad will be okay :3

It's just that one part in this song that's off (3:26). Overall, amazing work Ardor ;)

TheArdor responds:

Thanks :D