Reviews for "Mr.Timan"

Awesome game and cool music to add to it :D I enjoyed it and its short entirety!

Vogd3 responds:


Nice game man, fun and easy to fly by!

This is an awesome game with an awesome plot! Good job, devs!

Vogd3 responds:

Thank you!

Mr. Timan. Or should we call him MR. GORBON FORBON?! (Gordan Freeman's name butchered into that)

Good game, well, done. Here's hoping this continues into a series with more story to it other than G-man killing you for forgetting the passcode. :p

The designs were stylish in their own way that still gives off a decent fun vibe, but at the same time kinda makes one think a lil (specially with the back n' forth time sequences. The puzzles were simple, and fun (hard to believe ANYONE would need a walkthrough with it. lol), and the before/after things were pretty cool. (Though at the boulder part with the gophers, I couldn't help but to think "Seriously? 20 years and those things never moved an inch? No other animals, tectonic Earth stuff, or even raiders?" That's just silly nitpicking though, the boulder part is fun too~)

Great job!

Mr.Timan reminds me of Gordon Freeman. Nice!

Vogd3 responds:

Thats was an idea!