Reviews for "Mr.Timan"

Game was pretty good played through it twice one thing I did notice. You do know she's a red head and not a blonde right? Might want to either change her hair color or change it to red head instead of blonde.

Vogd3 responds:

hair color fixed, thank you!

Fine, a bit laggy, got stack on level 6 I guess. The platform fell down in the future, I came near it and got stuck in textures.

Love platform games! :)
I like that there are 2 endings but I got the code from elsewhere because I could not figure it out where to find it...

Good gameplay , swap trough dimension for continue is something i dint see before

This was a very well thought out game. the game play itself isn't the best but the logic and story are good. The game could use a graphics setting option though. And for anyone who is having trouble playing the game when you get to the last level you need to enter a code. that code is seen at some point before you get to the last level. I hope I'm not giving away to much info by saying that. This game is really unique but could use more levels, still 5/5 and good job :).