Reviews for "Sins Of Daisy Episode 1"

I gave this 5 stars because its level of ingenuity is awesome! I love Quinn's sarcasm the most, and I really really cant wait till the next episode is available to play. I hope the developer will make the next episode even more enticing and mysterious than the first. Keep up the awesomeness! 5 STARS :)

wow what incredible game so far.
i have't played a game has number codes before and it took me an hour to decrypt all four riddles.
and it's awesome how the atmosphere tides in the game there so much more to go on about but to put this short' this is by far my favorite game on newgrounds. so igive you five stars.

ps. can't wait for the other episodes :)

It was... intriguing at first.
Certainly had a nice atmosphere, what with the music and such. Buuuut it also had some isssues.
For one, performance issues, a bunch of typos in the text - (even in one of the coded diary entries) and the problem with the final diary page.

In the same vein, a lot of the dialogue felt fairly awkward - the charachters talked in somewhat ...weird ways?
I didn't particularily like the dialogues because of that, and -quinn- felt more annoying than anything.

The choices in game felt inconsequential - SPOILERS ahead - Like, the option not to get in on the investigation? that seems like an unlikely choice. Also, having to decide whom to arrest without really that much conclusive evidence doesn't feel all that "sleuth-y". so yeah, that was meh.

But the biggest issue I had was this - so many waste bins everywhere, and I could not interact with ANY of them! (But seriously, adding more than just those one-word descriptors would be a great way to add more depth to the game.)

On the upside, the Mirror caught me off guard :D

To make it short: I think the premise is interesting, there's definitely something to it, but I can see a lot of issues, primarily with the dialogues. Don't let my opinion discourage you, though.
Thanks for creating :)

ZeroDigitZ responds:

No worries, I welcome all comments whether its good or bad. Information like this is crucial to me and gives me an opportunity to improve my games for future installments. Hopefully, I can change your mind with Episode 2.

It's a good game, but a little to short.
Also, the dad says he 'did not muder' his daughter. I think he means muRder... ;-)
Besides that, this one's looks a lot like VisantJ's 'Medievil Cop'. But shorter...
Anyways, im looking forward to the next chapter/episode, hope that one's a bit longer, cause you lost points because of that.

Spoileralert btw: for some, there could be a little jump scare in this game...

ZeroDigitZ responds:

I will fix that error and episode 2 will be a lot longer.

I wanted to rate this a 4, but there are too many bugs and you divided it into episodes, which annoys me.

The game lags a lot whenever I move, making the game barely playable. I also couldn't see the final page of the diary when Dan shows it to me either. Who knows what else I've missed in this game due to bugs. I think I'm having problems with RPG Maker games, because I also had the same movement lag issues with other RPG Maker games. I'm using Chrome.

The other problem I had was that when I click on Riddles on the Main Menu, it only shows me Riddle 3 of 4, even though I found the flower pot riddle about home away from home, but I didn't find a way to answer that riddle. Where are the other riddles?

Other than that, it was a really promising game. If the lag and bugs were gone, I would have rated it a 4. If all the episodes were published as one single game, I would have rated it a 5. I love the title page and the scrolling information. Music and atmosphere was good. Writing was good to me. I like mystery games.