Reviews for "Fatsack: BWDS ep 1"

Beautiful animation as always.
More please!

chluaid responds:

thank you! There's 15 of these already written so I'm working on the next one already

Amazing art and animation as always. Great to see you back in action; your one of my heroes!

Truthfully, I'm not digging this educational brackenwood mock-umentary thing, one of the things I loved was the way your world would gradually explain itself naturally, throughout the [fantastic] stories you made. I feel like this is sort of ruining the magic

chluaid responds:

thanks for the review. This is one of the earliest ideas I had for Brackenwood. In my opinion it brings the world to life.

Well done on this animation! 5 Stars for:

Smooth, smooth transitions between frames.
Water-like effects on the creatures bodies and water droplets.
Use of bright colors while displaying a happy creature.
The 'documentary' voice used in the production to make it feel realistic.
Many others, though I'd rather not write an essay.

These were all really well done. Good job. Now here comes the criticism.

I'm not sure what or where Brackenwood is. Perhaps a quick eagle's view of the place/world before the opening scene begins would give me a better feel for what to expect.

How do fatsacks play in with the rest of the world? Are they easy prey (obviously), or do they have this extraordinary defense mechanism to fend off predators? Clearly they are playful critters, but how is it that so many of them have survived for this long?

Those are just a couple of things. Again, really nice job!

Bye bye!

chluaid responds:

thanks very much for the review! I'm glad you liked the documentary feel, I've wanted to do something like this for a long time. Regarding your questions about Brackenwood and fatsacks, I could tell a lot more in each of these episodes but I want to keep them under 2 mins so I can get back to producing regular shorts. If these were 4, 5, 10 mins long like the early Brackenwood movies, each one would be in eternal production and would take too long to make.

btw the rule for these shorts is that the script must fit on a collector card. In fact, the Fatsack Brackenwood collector card has this exact script, and all future episodes will be the same. Prowlies are next :)

Brackenwood is back? I can't wait to see more of your amazing fantasy world!

chluaid responds:

thanks! More coming

OK little short with some very nice graphics and animation, and I like the style, it just doesn't do enough for me - there's no story and having a quarter of the movie be credits seems excessive.

chluaid responds:

They're very short because my rule for this series is that each script fits on a collector card. Those cards are Patreon rewards.