Reviews for "Fatsack: BWDS ep 1"

This is amazing! Though how do fatsacks reproduce? Do they have it busy like rabbits or do they get it on like snails?
Is there an alpha, or do they gather wherever they can find other fatsacks in the dense forest? I would love to learn more about your creations Adam! I find them very interesting and fun to watch in your videos! :)

It was great but you might want to invest in some Auralex foam because that reverberation is just... eugh...

Look up a Youtube channel called "AcousticFields" if you want more information on how sound proofing works.

I want one!

I think that's cool... Like indestructible dirigible. All fans waiting for more.

Sweet and simple. I love the idea, I love your designs and I love the animation. I'm so glad to finally see you work on this universe again, I can hardly wait to see what you'll do with it next!