Reviews for "Fatsack: BWDS ep 1"

These are beautiful! Congrats Adam.

Checking this out before I check out number 2 on the front page. It wasnt really much to watch in terms of content, but you are by far one of the most talented animators I've ever saw. Everything about this screams professional. The colors and quality are so crisp that it makes my phone seem like an expensive HD TV.

Awesome once again! ***

Huge fan of your work, chluaid! Can't wait to see what you create next!

[*** Upon confession, I thankfully stumbled upon 'Prowlies: BWDS ep 2' first and just knew I *had* to go and find 'ep 1'...]

Thank goodness that this is still around.

I love all the little details that are so delightfully added. For example when the narrator is describing them releasing their gasses and it shows each of them making fart rasberry sounds, I love how it shows all of them doing this normally and then cuts to one that is spastically waving around and farting out of its nose! These little details are part of what gave Bitey so much unique charm and character. Another example is at the end when the camera is zooming out, if you watch the fatsacks, one of them tumblles off its little hill and rolls like a ball into the forest with its legs flailing. So good!