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Reviews for "I'm too Awkward for My Own Good."

nicely animated, with swift +fast pasted animation speed, with excellent face expressions, and nice display of excellent humour!

great work, jaiden, keep it up, and do more!

JaidenAnimations responds:


Great video! I am also horribly awkward in social situations, so yeah (I'm even being awkward here because I have no clue what to say!)

great video well made, funny, and completely relatable! i'm so awkward I've been sitting here for 10 min. trying think of a way to segue into a story about how awkward i am and... um... i got nothing.

the story:
I was shopping in a Hastings, just wandering around, when I see a cute girl. My brain goes, "hey she seems nice go talk to her." so i followed its bad advice. i walk up to her, make a small joke, and things seem to go well for... about 60 seconds. at that point she turns the conversation to about me and i started talking about how awkward i was (it was like my brain left the room). This poor girl tries be nice and tells me a few encouraging things only to have each one shoot down (keep in mind i don't even realize I'm saying any of this). the conversation got so bad that she looked like she was in pain. it's at this point I finally realize how uncomfortable I'm making her I just tell her that it's cool if she just leaves. she left, quickly.

and that's my story ԅ(͝° ᗜ͝°;)╮ ah ha ha ha

I can relate with anxiety stuff. You have a cute personality x3 so you're more of a listener? I feel it. Welcome to Newgrounds by the way. :)

Lol, this video is me in a but shell