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Reviews for "I'm too Awkward for My Own Good."


Oh woah, you have a newgrounds now? That's cool!
I've been subscribed to you on Youtube for a while now, nice to see you here on Newgrounds!
Also, this is one of my favorite videos that you've made, nice job with this!

great video well made, funny, and completely relatable! i'm so awkward I've been sitting here for 10 min. trying think of a way to segue into a story about how awkward i am and... um... i got nothing.

the story:
I was shopping in a Hastings, just wandering around, when I see a cute girl. My brain goes, "hey she seems nice go talk to her." so i followed its bad advice. i walk up to her, make a small joke, and things seem to go well for... about 60 seconds. at that point she turns the conversation to about me and i started talking about how awkward i was (it was like my brain left the room). This poor girl tries be nice and tells me a few encouraging things only to have each one shoot down (keep in mind i don't even realize I'm saying any of this). the conversation got so bad that she looked like she was in pain. it's at this point I finally realize how uncomfortable I'm making her I just tell her that it's cool if she just leaves. she left, quickly.

and that's my story ԅ(͝° ᗜ͝°;)╮ ah ha ha ha

Your animations are really good, as always!
And a part 2 would be awesome :>

I can say, for certain that I can relate with you on the first and third stories. Just know you aren't exactly alone in those assumptions, a lot of us end up thinking the same <XD