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Reviews for "I'm too Awkward for My Own Good."

This is literally one of the few actually worthwhile movies on Newgrounds lately. Simply because it makes sense, is ironic and shares one's actual experience, which is always interesting. Thanks for sharing these stories. You should definitely make more of this kind.
Can't relate to the whole social anxiety thing though, I prefer taking life and people easy.

I can relate with anxiety stuff. You have a cute personality x3 so you're more of a listener? I feel it. Welcome to Newgrounds by the way. :)

you and theodd1sout should team sometime.


i can relate so much!!! i am awkward as well sometimes, like one time i wanted chocolate badly, but my sister was making food. so i grabbed 3 pieces of chocolate and asked my sister "do you want some chocolate too?"which she replied to with "no, we are almost going to eat. you know that" and i felt so awkward and embarrassed, i just said "it was just a joke"which she did not believe.... so that's one of my stories