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Reviews for "Shadow Brawlers PROTOTYPE"

Awesome game change the controls and this gets a 5 star

I could mistake this for a real indie game! This game is fantastic, However, the controls are abysmal. If they fix the controls then this game could get a glowing 5 star review. Great work dude (or girl)

McGil responds:

you mean the keyboard controls or the gamepad controls?

terrible terrible controls

the shift color mechanic is absolutely pointless and serves only as a nuisance.

the jump/swing/block handling feels very good. the art is ok. monochromatic is not good in this case.

hm. Pretty good. tho i think the worst part of this game is the loading thing, the rest is pretty good, some people for player one expect the up arrow to be the jump button and for player 2 the jump would be W.

Stuck on Deathmatch loading screen (no rating given)