Reviews for "Monster Eater"

Good Game! ;)

It's a 2048 clone, and quite an addictive one at that. Docked a star because of a bug that's gone uncorrected; any score above 20K causes the game to freeze. You can still submit scores, but you cannot make any moves as soon as you get a certain kind of monster associated with 20K scores.

simple, cute

This may be the best in the recent games you've submitted. I doubt it will get front page. You still made this pretty flashy. I found this to be a very original idea. I still don't know how to win it. I guess it just goes on forever.

I liked the sound effects. There could have been music, though. These games look more familiar. I don’t think the same person makes all of them. I know you’re an organization.

pretty simple pattern and got up to 7608. its alright