Reviews for "Halo Theme -(Metalized?)-"

Fucking Sweet...

This definetly would be one of the best game songs i've heard in GOD DAM history...
Awesome job.

nice job

I enjoyed that very much, but I heard some of the notes cut off around 50 seconds...i think they would have blended better if they continued at the same length as the game I like it though...if you have xbox LIVE send me your gamertag!!!


foxbox omfg they are playin with a metal pedal and on guitars
not your average day synthesizer
great jerb BTW i loved it


sounds pretty good =]

Nice version

Dude that is an insane version of halo theme song . Lol it was clearly metalized i prefer this one than the real song .Put it on my mp3 and listening to it while playing halo 2 ^^"grunt sounded a lot more eager to get shot" !