Reviews for "An Astronaut's Daydream"

"The Sea Creature from Space"
I always appreciate the songs that actually have a significant meaning behind them. I never put much thought into it, since I don't have time to (with the unfortunate demo edition of strife) but I suddenly want to now xD This song is pretty solid - great sound design as always! You're getting better with future bass, which I feel is probably one of the main genres we both love. I always love vocal patterns in songs if they're done right, and the vocals in this song we're done very well :D The main problems that I've seen in a few of your songs are here though...
For the most part:
-The percussion is way to basic and repetitive. You can fix this by experimenting more with different samples and styles :)
-The mixing is pretty off :/ I see this problem a lot with artists such as 1f1n1ty. You need to put more thought into the way the sounds are gonna work together in the actual song. Try to experiment with the levels of each of the patterns and decide what works together best ;)

The way you do Future Bass is a different style to how I try to do it. Seeing that your strong suits are for the most part what I lack at, your songs are gonna sound really different to mine. Basically I think that we both need to learn from one another to get as good as we can get - I need to learn how to design sounds and build chords and melodies better and you need to get better at mixing and percussion - we should try more to learn from each other. Great job mate ;)

Also if you're wondering why this review is so much longer than usual, it's cos I'm writing this during school to and I'm bored beyond belief xD

Keep up the good work :D

MollusK-Music responds:

Much obliged for the compliments and I really value the feedback. I am also aware that I have been having a lot of trouble with my mixing and mastering recently. I know for a fact I am able to master the house style I am used to but with different genres comes different mastering/mixing and I really need to work on making my songs sound more crisp, clear and loud. I've updated the mix as well, so the issue shouldn't be nearly as bad shortly after writing this. Regarding the percussion, I am also working at that. I am really on the fence about doing longer, more intricate drums. On the one hand, they are more interesting and tend to sound better. On the other, it can sometimes distract from the rest of what is going on, depending on the style of song, simple or otherwise. In the house tracks I do, the percussion is supposed to be basic and in a simple pattern throughout for a groove factor.

Even still, I'm really glad to hear that you think my music (Chords, melodies and stuff) as well as my sound design is good. Since that's really all I am good at doing so far. I know the technical bits and bobs for basic audio engineering and I lack all music theory, so I'm glad I could make something from nothing. I am working right now, and will continue non-stop, to get a more crisp and clear sound through mastering, and to work a bit on my mixing. Mixing for me all depends on genre, so if I keep doing Future Bass, I should get better at it over time. Mastering is all audio relative, so I'm going to have to work extra hard on doing that to the best of my ability. I know I explicitly say a great song doesn't need weeks, and that's true. But, all the post-processing to make that great song actually sound great is a whole other monster. I am going to invest into Izotope Ozone for mastering soon, to get the best results possible. I appreciate the in depth response. Now, I will take my leave to fight with NG until it lets me update the damn audio!

(PS. If there are any spelling/grammatical errors, please excuse. It is a little late here and I'm too lazy to do my usual spell check)

Cheers c:

The atmosphere of the song gives me chills instant follower

MollusK-Music responds:

Wow, thanks! I really appreciate the sentiment.

Cheers c:

Okay, we're going to skip the pleasantries: this was fricking amazing. I'm a fan of future bass, especially Jumper, who's style is similar to this (and that's one of the highest compliments I can give you, trust me). It isn't particularly "catchy" or melodic in the traditional sense, but that's okay, it's not required. The sidechaining is epic, and all of the sounds were really amazing and fit the mood really well. If you don't mind me paparazzi-ing you with a few questions, 1) where did you get the drums from? 2) are all the synths from Serum? If not, what else did you use? and 3) what was that awesome Time Lapse-like water drop sound you had from?

Anyway, my only criticism was that the outro was, like, 3 times longer than it needed to be, and in general the piece was somewhat repetitive (there weren't really distinct melodic sections that you might find in really excellent future bass. I refer you again to Jumper; "To World's End" is a great example of the distinct sections thing). But I can overlook that because this is so fabulous.

Cheers man c:

MollusK-Music responds:

I really appreciate the compliments and comparison to Jumper! Before I get too much Into anything, I want to let you know that I am in the process of remastering this and changing the parts that sounded a little odd. Also the repetition is being worked on, and almost done. I am planning to do a whole lot more future bass and I hope to get better each time, so if this was good then I am clearly improving, so thanks again. That really motivates me.

Now to answer your questions:

1. They are all a little bit changed by myself to sound better in general. The kick came from a pack I have as well as the clap. The little rim-shot I used to replace the snare is stock in FL and I also used it in "Inner Machinations" The hats are also stock and given some effects.

2. Yes, every sound in here was made from scratch in Serum; Bass, Chords, Pads, Plucks. It is my absolute favourite synthesizer, without question.

3. It was from an FX loop I've had on my computer for a while. It has a bunch of vocal chops, and other sounds, but the droplet sound stood out, so I simply chopped it out of the other stuff.

I don't ever mind answering questions, so it's not trouble at all.

Cheers to you as well c:

Oh, man. This is fabulous. I DEFINITELY think this is your best work. Like, holy moly. I favorited this right away, and I'm probably going to be listening to this track for the next 1,000,000 or so years. BTW, I just found out you're GMD Condor. WHaT. ThE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU? Yo... This is amazing. Your music making skills are even better than your awesome GMD level making skills! GG!

MollusK-Music responds:

Haha, thank you so much. Yeah I take a lot more pride in my music than in Geometry Dash. Granted, I still have a lot of fun with the game, I just get more enjoyment out of this. I'm really happy you like the song, be sure to look out for more future bass from me. I am having a lot of fun with the genre.

Cheers c:

This is outstanding and original. Or at least much much more original than what I usually make XD
Anyway, I absolutely love your melodies and chords and you pulled off a very emotional feel to the song. Your mixing and mastering aren't really top notch, but nothing is offputting at all (I shouldn't really be talking because I don't even try to master at all).
The only distracting thing is that the main snare isn't loud enough and it doesn't really function like a normal snare should.
other than that, amazing track, dude ;)
i think you should check out the artist SVMMIT (mrfaller on ng)

MollusK-Music responds:

I completely agree on the mixing/mastering front. I'm still updating the mastering to make it better, along with some other changes to make it less repetitive. I don't personally like having loud, cracking snares in my songs (With the exception of dubstep). But, that's just my personal take, so I completely understand where you are coming from. Nevertheless, I really appreciate the kind words on this one. I am always looking for things I do well so I can keep doing them. So it really helps when you tell me what you like/dislike. So, Thanks!

I'll make sure to check out SVMMIT on my next audio excursion. I have my own recommendations for you. If you like this type of music, you should definitely check out Hyper Potions and Deon Custom on Youtube and Soundcloud.

Thanks again, man. Cheers c: