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Reviews for "Bblubble"

Fun game with a game mechanic i haven't seen in alot of games yet, but i think the level design can be improved a little and the difficulty should be a little more balanced
Keep up the good work Gurigraphics :)

gurigraphics responds:

Thanks. I add new version.

Some levels are too easy and some levels are too hard but the game still is fun.

I rate this 4 1/5 stars.

gurigraphics responds:

Thanks rajand100. Level design is like a climbing. Sometimes we have to stop for a breath. :)

Mmm I thought Hardcore would be a bonus, but having that uinlock on level 9 was a pretty harsh twist, especially with that kind of final level! I was hoping it'd be the other way, that after going through all nine levels again the final one would be basically no level at all, just open space - as easy a piece of cake as the main menu. When you get that far, and go through each level twice, it's pretty aggravating to realize you won't be making it to the end of the game after all. I love the game design, idea, level variation and everything, but I feel cheated. Hardcore mode seemed challenging enough as it was. Doesn't take that long to go through all levels so if it was a challenging final level that'd be fine, but going through all levels twice, for that? IMO the ideal would've been hardcore mode unlocking specifically for the final level, and the final level being a bit less impossible to beat. With balanced difficulty, I'd have loved this game. Everything else is perfect. Ambient music, good control, smooth graphics, a ton of fun to play until the ending.


gurigraphics responds:

Truth. To date are 1,000 plays and only Draukagrissa3 won the challenge Hard Mode.
Then I add a new version.

well, it´s a nice game, but level 10 is basically impossible without some special mouse program for precise aiming. feels like the old game maze on level 3 when the ugly zombie lady pops up and screems at you. also after getting to hardcore, it sucks that you have to play the game over again to get hardcore - serious flaw for tryharders.

gurigraphics responds:

I also did not pass the last stage of my own game. haha
My mouse or base is very bad.
Perhaps the cheat is placing a ruler on the side of the mouse... :)
This challenge is really hard core.

Fun game love the graphics

gurigraphics responds:

Thanks NopeAnimation. I did a remake of kenney graphics. :)