Reviews for "Sparks"

Awesome Work! both the music and animation shines!

This was adorable. Just in time for Pride Month. It reminds me of the relationship my boyfriend and I have. And this animation couldn't have come at a better time, as we had a real tragedy in Florida recently. It's animations and movies like these that remind us that, yes, even when things are at their worst, that is often the time when people are at their best. This cheered me right up. It really did. I'm going to show this to my boyfriend right now. Thank you.

vincy223 responds:

Oh wow! Thank you. I'm really glad this helped you cheer up and somehow made this animation have more meaning to it with your review. Have a wonderful day to you guys. :)

This is some nice animation! NG needs more of this!

Was having a pretty crappy day until I saw this -- I can relate to having to deal with client expectations. 5 stars, looking forward to seeing more from you

This is extremely awesome! I like the use of the colours, but I sadly did not completely follow the story.
Anyways, great job! ;)