Reviews for "Sparks"

A simple, but nice story. I didn't exactly follow at the beginning what was going on, but I guess that was partially the point - certainly made me pay more attention. Animation was overall good, and seemed to be really well done in that running scene. However, it felt lacking at times, particularly when they were walking along. It just felt too frame by frame there. Overall though, definitely an animation worth watching. Keep it up!

I found it kind of an praise to the spirit helpers around. Well done!

You need to change all the colours in this animation; I hate the font.

Heh, kidding.

But in seriousness, the story seemed to lack closure. I thought that she was running to her needy boss and persnickety client to flip them off and quit, starting a new chapter in life, etc... But it ended rather abruptly with two people standing by a taxicab.

Perhaps I've missed the point?

I love it. It shows that we shouldn't let out work or the internet/cell phone tell us what to do Human companionship is more important

amazing to say it was only done in 5 days.

Great backgrounds , great use of colour , the only weak part of the film was the character animation which given the time restraint is still impressive.

vincy223 responds:

Thank you very much for your review. :)

Yeah, given a limited time this was what we could do just so we could submit this for the contest. We didn't win but we're really glad how it turned out. We'll be improving this one and put more frame by frame animation to make the characters more expressive, and cleaning the animation and effects overall. We will then submit it for another contest in which we have more time before we submit. ^^