Reviews for "Sparks"

Very beautiful animation

I think I got the jist of the story or message. Is it that animation can be a burden and take a toll on the ones you care for? Or I dunno sometimes you gotta abandon whats important to get what you want.

Anyway like I said great animation

A simple, but nice story. I didn't exactly follow at the beginning what was going on, but I guess that was partially the point - certainly made me pay more attention. Animation was overall good, and seemed to be really well done in that running scene. However, it felt lacking at times, particularly when they were walking along. It just felt too frame by frame there. Overall though, definitely an animation worth watching. Keep it up!

This is some nice animation! NG needs more of this!

like a very short version of There she is. love the lighting and effects it really reminds me of a ton of art on here and in other places from 07 to 09.

You need to change all the colours in this animation; I hate the font.

Heh, kidding.

But in seriousness, the story seemed to lack closure. I thought that she was running to her needy boss and persnickety client to flip them off and quit, starting a new chapter in life, etc... But it ended rather abruptly with two people standing by a taxicab.

Perhaps I've missed the point?