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Reviews for "Black & White Escape: House"

Great game! This is exactly the level of difficulty I'm looking for: You do have to go around multiple times to find your way, but it's all reachable and doesn't require much pixel hunting. Excellent entry!

Great game ! Quite easy but challenging

Ooo this one was a bit longer than your normal ones, how awesome!

I was doing great until the arrow puzzle, no clue how that was done. if someone could PM me how, that would be greatly appreciated.

Great job @Selfdefiant

I like playing games, but i can't play now because adobe is a shit company. I have done all but don't work on firefox nor in others program, i Hate Adobe industrie and i like that in the futere the flash will be instinct.

Clean, intuitive puzzles (except for the grandfather clock one). Good use of the whole space. Not too much personality, but a decent game overall.