Reviews for "Dead Detention 2 #8"

I liked the end of this episode for this reason: he's about to go super sayin I love this series and everything about it but I have a small question did you forget about chronicle bulletin thats all

JackAstral responds:

Thanks :-) There'll be a new Chronicle Bulletin in a few weeks, I think. I want to make some other things first, though

I felt like you added some new stuff here. My favorite minigame would have to be the one where you direct the ships toward the target. I am getting more into the dialogue. Granted, that's because I want to slow things down to look for the token. Sadly, I didn't find it this time around. This was pretty fun.

It's great how you have so much music. It is still the same stuff, though. The animation is quite good. I was confused by the part where she looked of her ID card. That was probably the hardest part.

JackAstral responds:

Thanks but you really don't need to play these if you don't find the story compelling! That's kinda the whole point of them !

Brilliant again man!!! So getting pumped for the finale! although i'm going to suffer a bit from a show hole, or in this case a flash hole. Btw is that Ami in the Cell next to Freeman and Naomi's older sister? Is she still alive or is that her corpse?! ah well, I can't tell you how much i love this Graphic Novel/Game. Hopefully you finish up Chornicle bulletin too! Well Done man! your without a doubt one of the best on Newgrounds!

This was interesting. Gotta play the others now.

So this was pretty cool and full of foreshadowing. I like how Dr. Millers cubicle had all of the notes regarding the rest of the things that had been happening up to this point.

Was that Ami laying in the cell next to Detective Freeman and Naomi's older sisters cell?