Reviews for "Dead Detention 2 #8"

Whyyy i hear timer beeping?

Huh... I can see that this games have a lot of references. Not only from your past games, but from other series as well.

Why doesn't this have more views? This game is just as good as some popular and well scored games out there! At least, in my humble opinion...

Great episode! Man you really know how to keep a good story GREAT.

Something that Ive noticed before that you do and I see it again here that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE
is when you have any police scene. You make the background do this cool blue/red flash. Thats a really genius idea and it looks awesome.

Great job! <3 Cant wait for the next episode.

Death Game's Results:

Jack yu clever boi :O
5/5 Keep up the masterpieces >:V
Proceed with the plan

JackAstral responds: