Reviews for "For Mom"

A skillful animation that shows how much our parents do for us that we don't say. Very touching, with excellent accompanying music.

I just can't understand one thing: who the hell rated less than 5 stars?

This is very heart warming it showed what it was like when I was a kid (except I didn't have a phone) This made me cry, my dad is an ass most of the time after my mom died after drinking too much.


Shed tears watching this. This is really beautiful, amazing job!

Screw you buddy! Girlfriend and I both watched your stupid movie!
Like seriously!
We both cried, and called our mothers.

You're a beautiful asshole!

antdung responds:

sorry man, it had to be done...
in all seriousness, I'm glad that you could relate. I hope your mom was happy to hear from you :)

Thanks! I've never gotten that before lolz