Reviews for "For Mom"

This is incredibly well done, loved it bro, awesome work :D

(The end made me tear up haha)

antdung responds:

Thanks, man! Glad you enjoyed it!

Made a new account just to say thank you :) Wonderful video and really makes me appreciate my parents a lot more. For what it's worth, I've shared your video on reddit if thats cool.

I enjoyed it... reminds me that my mother will always be there for me.

If you can watch it through fully this will touch your heart. Also if you are a son this will just make you want to hug your mom. You get a 5 stars from me.

so fucking beautifull... i drop some tears after watching this
this is one of your best works, i love my mom and i feel is the best person in the world, but i think i am a sucky son as you xD i should spent some more time with her or i don't know

well, i was thinking about my dad also while watching this and he sucks xD well, thanks for putting this project on the website because is really great and beautifull