Reviews for "For Mom"

That was awesome. Great work!

antdung responds:

Hey, thanks!

Wow man that was wonderful, and it really hits close to home for me. I definitely could be a better son and show my mom more appreciation for everything she does. This really captures that message of loving your mother for all the sacrifices she makes and unconditional love she gives.

Real flippin' great work d00d !
I really like your kinda' simplistic style :D !

This was spectacular. It shows that, well, to look at the past. And remember all the great times you should be thankful for. And being thankful to your mom, just shows how much you appreciated her for all the time that went by, as a family. You Duongster have done good, thanks for this animation, have a good day.

OK... not sure why but I almost teared up. It just doesn't happen. Especially that I am actually still living with my parents. (thought I know I can be a shitty son)
so... I guess... Great Job!...