Reviews for "For Mom"

Delightful, and props for telling the whole story in pantomime. Great work with emotional impact!

such a sweet little animation, i dont often cry, but this made me well up (had to hold them darn tears in, but they almost broke out). keep up the good work!

this made me cry.

This was spectacular. It shows that, well, to look at the past. And remember all the great times you should be thankful for. And being thankful to your mom, just shows how much you appreciated her for all the time that went by, as a family. You Duongster have done good, thanks for this animation, have a good day.

This is very heart warming it showed what it was like when I was a kid (except I didn't have a phone) This made me cry, my dad is an ass most of the time after my mom died after drinking too much.