Reviews for "For Mom"

Wow, That was lovely!
I really love the animation. If there were flaws they went unnoticed.
Sometimes it's hard to show aging with cartoons but I think that was done nicely on the mom and son.
I'd love to see other versions of this or different storylines.

This animation will be my gift for mom on Mother's Day!

The animation had a few flaws, but the bigger problem here is the story. I find this very unoriginal cause it's another story where the son remember her mom and son and so forth. Usually this specific flashback type story is a mini-story inside the actual story. Like adding a music that is a sub-genre in the main music, but you transformed the sub-genre to the actual thing. So in conclusion, try to make the story a bit more original.

I think some one made their Mama proud.

You got me to miss my momz and cry.