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Reviews for "Batman v Superman"

Batman could easily win, and normal human can.
Superman can actually die at a nuclear power plant.
Now we know why he's not in The Simpsons episodes.

Really cool. The mouth animation was kinda creepy with their teeth and all, but it stops being a problem after a few short seconds. It's also very funny. I'm surprised you could get 3 or 4 jokes in just 45 seconds; quite a feat. The music was okay, but the voices were great. Batman sounds like the Will Arnett Batman from the Lego Movie.

Batman is melting, but on the inside this time!

Nice, very nice. I personally didn't like that movie. But, if it went like this, I most definitely would have. Cheers for the grand theft auto sound effect at the end too.

Nice one!

Not what I expected and that's why I like it