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Reviews for "Batman v Superman"

Batman could easily win, and normal human can.
Superman can actually die at a nuclear power plant.
Now we know why he's not in The Simpsons episodes.

once again, you did a great, FUNNY movie, with perfect visuals, detailed & realistic drawings of the characters (they were very accurate, and they were similar to the real thing, especially batman's pose/face/armour...) the whole animation was very good, and i loved how they were insulting each other... it was great!

i loved this movie, especially the scene in the end, where batman says: ''are you jealous of my cool gadjets, superman?'' and superman says: ''NO. dude, i can FLY!! goodbye, loser...''
and batman is like: ''armour status: good. feelings status: bad.'' its such a nice parody of the famous movie!

and one more cool part: i LOVED the british butler's voice in the credits, for the subscribe function. it was an excellent detail, if i can say so myself, yessir, mmyes, quite so.

overall, its a great movie, and a very nice thing to watch.
do more things like this, sir nicholas, you are awesome!