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Reviews for "Bend or Break: Korra Hentai Parody"

as an avatar fan this makes my peener and cooch hard :3

I've been waiting for this game to load for 30 minute and all I have a black screen with a fullscreen option I can't even click am I missing something or is this game not working anymore?

nevermind Webgl doesn't work with Microsoft Edge but it does with firefox

I mean art-wise, I definitely appreciate it, there's a fair amount of options, but I have discovered at least four bad endings (If i know how to count) and there's no way to get a good ending, even if you only talk and feed her. I get if you want no actually good endings, but if that´s the case, don't label the endings "bad end_", it gives off the impression that there is a good ending. If you could somehow display how many endings you have unlocked (therefore you know if you've got them all), it would be better, or if there's a disclaimer about there only being bad endings, otherwise you can be stuck in an everlasting good ending hunt that you'll never get, and that is VERY annoying.

day 190

Please make it available to play on iPad