Reviews for "Turbo Hobo Cannon"

In my belief, this could easily be front paged. I adore this. I could daily play this.

LunaWolfStudios responds:

Thanks! This was a fun one for us :D


It's a nice little game. I like the hobo theme you made the game around. I also like your drawing style.

This game would be a little better with some upgrades. It would also be nice if the piles of syringes didn't kill the hobo's flight completely when landed on.

Finally, I have no idea how to get the medals. I've played the game several times and I think that I would've got them by now. Are they working properly? Because no one has got them yet.

LunaWolfStudios responds:

Thanks for the review! The whole game was handrawn :D Also, Ignore the medals they will hopefully be fixed next update!

humm medals dont work ? ... or what :s

Interesting idea but the fired character disappears when bounced or shot up high. no way to tell until after the character stops tumbling about how far he goes. no way to upgrade but still very entertaining for a quick play.