Reviews for "hitBox"

Perfect game ! Good job!

That was amazing homie, level 45 took me forever but i lucked out somehow. Anyways i loved your game and i hope you keep on making games.

CHALLENGING; It really is! The puzzles does really needs your reflexes and precision and of course a basic knowledge on physics. Awesome game!

gr8 work man! this game is amezing! I love that. but because I not good at video game I will rate this 4.

First of all, great game. Great graphics, puzzles, concept, music, and level design. But the animations were a little slow...

The game, I guess, is just supposed to be slow, but really it can be played at any speed you please. Once you hit the end square, the gold one, you don't just WIN, instead you have to wait a few seconds until your square calms down before your options come up. Speaking of options coming up, the options come up a little slow.

Maybe just a minor complaint, but still, it got to me.