Reviews for "Stealth at School"

Clever but a bit tricky. Those are the key components to a game. Who cares if the game doesn't even have a story line? It still is a great game in my opinion and I am a bit addicted to playing it.

MonoFlauta responds:

Glad you like it! :D
Thanks a lot for playing it!

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. Had to play through twice because I forgot about using the planes. Still got all A's the first time around. The only thing I don't like is not being able to travel behind the board. I guess the game would become much easier if that were a thing though. Great work :).

MonoFlauta responds:

Thanks a lot for playing and for the review!

The presentation is bland, and the collision is almost non-existent. I really love the idea tho. A full adventure sneaking out of school should be fun, but this feels like a rushed clone of an iphone game.

Yeah nice try, but aside from being too easy in general, it's bugged like crazy. There are no walls, the board only has mass on the sides of it and specifically in level 20 one of the coins is in the Bullies hitbox. Also not a great idea to have a level start out with enemies immediately coming at you. This doesn't give the player time to look for a safe path.

Overall, needs work. But it's decent so far.

MonoFlauta responds:

Thanks for the review! Hope you had at least a bit of fun playing it :)
We will take in mind your comments.

Not a bad game. There isn't a whole lot to it, but it is solid and functional (I didn't encounter a single glitch while playing the game normally, good job).
I think the game is a little too easy. Except for the last three levels I had absolutely zero problem getting all of the coins while beating the levels for the first time. It wasn't until about level 15 that I learned that you could actually be in the enemies' line of sight ( I assumed it was an insta-kill like the first Classroom game), and wasn't until the last three levels that I didn't clear it on the first go.
Speaking of the line of sight, I think the amount of time you can spend in their (except for the bully) is a little too generous. The fact that I am able to dive in, grab the coin, and dip out all while the enemy is staring at me makes getting some of the coins that were set up to be a challenge to just be trivial. All while without even using the airplane.

Then there is the paper airplane. It's way too good. Even though the Nerds aren't much of a threat ever, the fact that you can stun, pick up the airplane and continue using it makes almost every level way too easy. The airplane should simply not be re-useable (you could have the tip be crumbled to signify that it can't be used again), and even then it would still be too strong. Like with the Bully, you cant recover the airplane if you use it on the Bully, not like you would need to. The Bully was a welcomed enemy, but with the fact that I can stun him in on position forever makes him more like a small wall that isn't a threat. What would have been better is that it stuns the bully for only for a little bit (like maybe 5-7 seconds[similar to the nerd]) so that the player can use the airplane strategically and with timing with the other enemies so they can dash and grab the coin, that would have been more enjoyable than just stunlocking the Bully.
I like the paper airplane, it's a nice concept for the gameplay. It just makes a fairly easy game even easier.
So overall for difficulty, I feel like two things would be a good change; make all enemies' line of sight's detection meter go up significantly faster (or even just make it an insta-kill) , and make the paper airplane an one-use-per-level kind of thing (maybe even some kind of powerup they have to grab).

Animation-wise. It is fine. I don't like how the enemies just snap in angles instead of smoothly turning around ( the same for the line of sight, which could have amped the difficulty a little more). But my actual complaint goes into the main character's walk cycle. By itself, it is fine, however, do you see how it is when he walks up, down, left and right? And then see how he walks in all of the diagonal directions. His diagonal walking looks like it would be a lot faster than his normal direction walking. His diagonal walking animation looks like running, while the up/down/left/right walking animation looks like he is just casually walking. It would be good to fix it to have all eight animations to be consistent in the appearance of speed, as it is currently jarring.

Art style is fine. It's appealing to look at, but that's as far as it gets.

The controls are alright, but a little clumsy-feeling when colliding with any object.

The audio is fine. Good choice of music, since I didn't get tired of hearing it by the end of the game, and I appreciate the option of muting it.

All in all, it is a functional game with an enjoyable concept. Zero story, but that is fine. No obvious glitches. Simply a good example of an average flash game, perfectly deserving 3 stars. It was enjoyable. Just kinda too easy, could use some more levels, and could use some general polish to make the game feel and look better.

MonoFlauta responds:

Thanks a lot for your review! We will take in mind all of them for our future games.

Also, about the difficult, indeed, maybe it would had been even better to have different difficulties. It would had been as easy as multiple the fill factor in this case... (if we wanted to add it fast). We will take this in mind for sure.

And about the multiple use of the plane. Now that you mention, I think we failed in giving the real need of using it multiple times, like, actually need to grab the plane again to finish the level. But maybe, that one is another way to fix what you say.

Other than that, thanks once again for the review and for playing the game, we really like these game design reviews, they help us to improve :)