Reviews for "Stealth at School"

the idea reminds me of riddle school !

This is a really decent idea for a game!

As others have pointed out, it is a little repetitive but I do really admire the concept. I'd like to see this expanded upon! Once I started thinking, "it'd be cool if there were other enemy classes," they showed up!

I don't think this requires a huge story but It'd be neat if you ultimately were able to escape the school and not just classroom after classroom.

Again, a very neat concept!

It's super easy to beat without the plane. and the bully doesn't get distracted by the nerd like he would in real life. ( also people seeing through solid objects is really unfair)

A bit repetitive but I like the idea.

Good game maybe just a bit too easy since it took just a few minutes to pass 10 levels almost the middle of all it.

I also honestly could have passed it all it whithout using the plane; there could be a medal for it too haha
I liked the music but I would like you could mute it and still keep the sound effects.
Despite I dont consider the whole concept game of the game very new is a good job

keep on it!