Reviews for "Buten Game"

That feeling when you are red green colorblind

9X74 responds:

Ooh looks like my game does have some flaws haha.

It's a pretty neat idea, although if you fail on the hidden cursor part, your cursor doesn't reappear when you press play again. oh and nice intro song choice :P

9X74 responds:

Thanks for pointing that out man! Really helps me out. I'll fix this soon.
And yeah it is, I feel like there is alot of undiscovered talent hiding in the audio portal. :p
Keep up the good work man, might use more of your work in the future. :)

Urgh, made it to 20 only. Aw well, it's an innovative game with characteristics from the impossible quiz games.

9X74 responds:

Thanks for your review, glad you enjoyed it! :)

Yeah, it's alright. A nice little puzzle thing just to waste the time, however it's not really original. There is some interesting bits but nothing really challenging.
If you were going to do a part 2, there needs to be more of a challenge; more originality in your puzzles, something that really makes you ponder. Maybe add some visuals too; staring at a black background is very dull
Overall, for what it is, it's pretty alright

not bad, but it needs checkpoints.

9X74 responds:

I'll probably do that in the sequel, thanks for the comment.