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Reviews for "Buten Game"

Awesome game! One of my favorite games on NG and yes, please do a sequel! :)
This game was lots of fun and did not require lots of memorization, so I would not really call this a hard rage game. Great job! :)

9X74 responds:

Thanks man! I probably will, seeing people like you enjoying my game really motivates me. :)
Also if you'd like to keep updated on my work consider becoming a fan. You'll get updates about it in your homepage that way.

It was an alright game. It kind of got annoying with the ones where your cursor goes under the game screen making me think my computer screwed up. Some of these were kind of wrong especially the one where it says What did you have to push in Level 9? You put Orange but it was actually Green. The Orange one was on Level 10. Overall it was ok.

9X74 responds:

Thanks for pointing this out, the game will be updated (probably tomorrow) and the errors will be fixed. :)

AAHHHHH HAHAHA i was reading the reviews and found someone say right click forward skips levels. that being said. if you do it on the title screen it can skip you to the end!! XD

9X74 responds:

You wouldn't really be playing the game then, would you?

This was really fun lol. Good way to pass the time. I still don't know how to get the secret medal though T_T

huh, not bad at all..but 20 level is hard too figure it out...and i can vait part 2