Reviews for "HOLD IT IN"

This was great intelectual adventure. I felt full katharsis playing that. Marvelous piece of future gaming!

This is a very sophisticated and layered video game. Or is it truly just a game?

I can see the artistry behind this delicate muse...a somewhat tepid reflection of our current socio-economic political environment. The father symbolizing past greatness and confident direction, the son in the back, struggling with contemporary conflicts and a desire to let go, yet still under the authority of an impatient governor.

or is it a son? Perhaps a daughter. Is this a challenge to our perception of gender identity, or is it a definition of what- - -OH FUCK I JUST SHIT MY PANTS!!!!!!!

Gave me a few initial laughs, like it how the people themselves appear to be intestines.

All in all the game is short and sweet with matching music to boot, although not much incentive to go for the timed achievements.

Really funny game, I just laughed every time I saw his dad's face pop on screen, very good work

great controls and great game lol 10/10