Reviews for "HOLD IT IN"

Gave me a few initial laughs, like it how the people themselves appear to be intestines.

All in all the game is short and sweet with matching music to boot, although not much incentive to go for the timed achievements.

I should not be enjoying this but the music and the at are spot on :)

This game was... interesting, but got boring pretty fast. It may give you a few laughs at the start, but at least for me, it got old fast. I didn't feel driven to unlock every medal and it didn't feel rewarding to keep going. I guess I'm just not much of a fan of infinite games like these, but I'll give it 3 stars for being pretty unique and making me laugh. (Especially at the dads face.)

I was finally able to understand this game after awhile. It wasn't that rewarding. Well, I got a lot of medals for it! Anyway, the drawings weren't that good. I still appreciate it for what it is. I have never played a game where poop goes both through your mouth and anus.

It's like that episode of "South Park", only it went both ways. Why are they purple? This was just a really strange game. I thought you controlled the poop at first. No matter I was so bad at it!

that was funny thank you. and yes it is very challenging. keep up the good work.