Reviews for "HOLD IT IN"

This should be a Esport

Finally made it to the bathroom! Would love to see an expanded version of this silly concept with
multiple length of car trips or poo length and shape.

While I question why I can come out of the kid's mouth..
It's otherwise surprisingly addictive...
I can't tell if it's bad that I keep playing it, or bad that I enjoy playing it.
I have problems either way.

I wasnt a fan of this game. I can see its appeal, and maybe its just me but I wasnt a fan of choosing which hole to cover so poop wouldnt get everywhere.
I can see it as a challenging game, that is a rather funny joke to some. But I just didnt get it. Still controls were simple, and the artstyle was nice. I give it a good 50%:
Not for everybody, but for some.

Bested by the poopy game -_-.