Reviews for "HOLD IT IN"

I really enjoy how simple this came is!
It's stupid but fun at the same time. I can play this for a while and have a blast.
Is this mobile friendly by any chance?

Thoroughly fun and hilarious, though gross. I laughed pretty hard when the poop wiggled its way back into my butt out of the toilet at the end.

Definitely an...interesting concept, haha. Kind of makes me feel like I have poop in my throat when I play this, though.

It really is an interesting concept, if a bit gross, so props to you for that.

It's humorous, which is good. Yeah, it's poop humor, but the look on the dad's face when the kid poops is great.

One thing I don't really like about this game is how abrupt the poop moves sometimes. It kind of makes it hard to interpret when it's going to go to the other end.

Oh, and by the way, what the heck are they? Are they supposed to be anything? Or just big purple blobs? I'm curious, haha.

AlexVsCoding responds:

Hey! Thanks for the lengthy feedback! The characters are just people, I love drawing lumpy people and have been getting the hang of colour theory over the last year.

The way to tell how the poop is going to move is by looking in the background - When the car goes up a hill, it is pushed downwards. When you go downhill, it is pushed upwards. On flat land I opted for zero g to mix things up rather than standard gravity.

Over time, the forces applied in either direction increase with the timer, hence why it becomes more erratic and unpredictable. To tell which way it's about to move, look at the arms of the player and the hills in the background.

Thanks again and glad you enjoyed it!

This was great intelectual adventure. I felt full katharsis playing that. Marvelous piece of future gaming!

Absolutely love it