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Reviews for "Spirit Chaser"

Bravo! That was AWESOME! Fantastic job dude and kudos to you! BTW, I got who most of the characters were (i.e. purple blob is the spirit the blue fox dude is trying to rescue and the black fox dude is the blue fox dude's demon) but just what is that gigantic abomination with multiple green eyes all over its dark-skinned body? Is it supposed to be some sort of ancient dark god, an uber-demon of sorts, and/or both (neither have to be mutually exclusive)? Just what the Hell is it?

pajakinthebox responds:

It is an uber-demon of sorts—the eyes are a construct of the platform/amplifier monolith meant to try to get across the feeling of an audience.

this make me scream by my computer like:
take all my stars<3

Gr8 m8

It's beautiful.
It's just so beautiful.

The music for this is great, and the animation is perfect in my opinion :)