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Reviews for "Spirit Chaser"

Brilliant. Absolutely fucking brilliant. That's my summary of this animation in 3 words. That's not much of a review, so I suppose I could stick around longer... Where do I begin? How about the fact that this animation had my eyes not glued, but welded to the screen. It's perhaps the most beautiful thing I've seen all year. That's saying a lot since I've seen the album art for "Sun Eater" by Job For a Cowboy, every "No Man's Sky" trailer, and every video by Game Grumps for the past 2 years. That last one is debatable, but it's beautiful to me, dammit! The music was fantastic. It's not "Undertale" quality, but at least a fourth of that game's soundtrack is just sound effects. Way to go, Toby. Way to go.
Everything else, the plot, the artwork, the sound design, everything had loads of effort put into it. Speaking of the artwork, that one part where the fox character is flying really reminds me of Toki and Skwisgaar's guitar battle during "The Doomstar Requiem". In fact, this entire this entire thing is like that scene. Is it a full on musical battle? No, not really. But that doesn't matter when the animation is this damn good.
It says in the description that this is being shown at a festival. The other films in that festival have some serious competition dude. This is one of the best things I have seen on here. You did good. You should be proud. Thanks for reading.

Beautifully animated, excellent music, on point timing, and a great story told without a spoken word. This is a keeper. Fine work!


That is one of the best things I've seen on Newgrounds in a long, long time! Okay, I've seen other great stuff, but not as good as this! I knew I would love it from the high score. The best part is how fantastic the animation is. For some reason, the fox reminded me of Nick from "Zootopia". I guess that movie's so good I see it everywhere.

The story is so engaging. There's no dialogue, but the characters have so much personality. I really feel for these guys. Granted, I have no idea what's going on. What matters is that this shows off endless creativity. Thank you for keeping this website fresh!

Beautiful. But really could have more of a plot.